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Fwcall Mission Statement

We promise you absolutely 100% saving of your international phone calls, with the simplicity of your phone the old fashioned way, no software, skype, jaja etc.... is needed.

FWcall is a leading telecommunications service provider, we are rapidly expanding our global presence by offering international customers a free UK number and free forwarding service to any other numbers around the globe.

FWcall.com powerful tier1-grade network delivers millions of calls reliably every day. Our proprietary call systems and features help our clients to operate more efficiently. Our customer gets more than just a FREE UK Phone number. They get your commitment to quality and reliability.

We are always striving to provide the highest quality service and to provide innovative telecommunications solutions for our customers. Superior customer service and flexibility are a very important aspect of our business.

Thank you for your support!

FWcall Team

Please check our coverage page for a full list of supported countries.